About us

The company was founded in Oct-2023 by Önder YILDIZ, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (İTÜ).

We have a total of 30 years of experience in public and private sector companies. We would be honored to apply our deep experience in a wide range of ship projects, including military ships, dry cargo, oil tankers, bulk cargo, and container ships, as well as tugboats, yachts, and small-scale special ships, to new projects with our high precision.

Our work covers conceptual design, form optimization and 3D surface modeling, Ship Theoretical calculations, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations for over 120 ships and encompasses all of shipbuilding engineering disciplines and provides a comprehensive approach to improving ship design and performance.

Conceptual design: Process used to determine the general shape and dimensions of a ship.
Form optimization: Process used to optimize the shape of the hull to improve the ship’s hydrodynamic performance.
3D surface modeling: Process used to create a 3D model of ship. This model can then be used to analyze various aspects of the design.
Ship theory: A branch of physics used to understand the hydrodynamic behavior of a ship. Ship theory can be used to improve the design and performance of a ship.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD): A computer simulation used to analyze the fluid flow around a ship. CFD can be used to improve the hydrodynamic performance of a ship.
Finite element analysis (FEA): A computer simulation used to analyze the stresses and deformations of a ship’s structure. FEA can be used to improve the safety of a ship’s structure.

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