Ship Form Optimization & Lines​

Ship Form Optimization & Lines​

The main goal of form optimization studies is to reduce the ship’s resistance to the lowest possible value.

One of the structural elements that most affects resistance is the bulb and the ship hull surface immediately behind it. The ship form prepared parametrically is examined in terms of resistance using the CFD method with different parameters. The resistance value corresponding to the form with the lowest value is accepted as the original result for main machine power calculation.

We carry out form optimization studies, in addition to current CAD software, with DELFTSHIP Modeler, Siemens SOLID EDGE Pro, and Siemens STAR CCM+, which are among the most popular in the market.

In form optimization studies, we achieve extremely smooth lines on the ship’s outer hull with a single surface method instead of the multiple patch method traditionally used, thus achieving high quality in both manufacturing and finite element analysis calculations.

The change in the bulb region is clearly seen in the below figure in an example study on the resistance value.

Ship Form Optimization & Lines

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